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Meet Our Lafayette Staff:

Licensed Massage Therapists

Jim graduated with honors from Heritage College in Denver in 2005 with an Associates Degree in Medical and Therapeutic Massage.

He did an internship at the Spinal Injury Foundation which yielded a wealth of knowledge. Jim has been workin full time in the field since graduation. Jim experienced the benefits of massage first hand during years of rehabilitation following a catastrophic accident. Bodywork has become a true calling for Jim. He understands the body was designed to be addressed and healed through therapeutic touch. Jim is extremely intuitive to client’s needs and excels in spinal rehabilitative work, including D.T., N.MT., and M.F.R.

Cat graduated from Heritage College with an Associate’s Degree in Therapeutic Massage.

She has been active in massage for over 16 years. Cat is also an Equine Massage Therapist since 2001. She has learned from the horses the importance of having awareness with both body and energy. Her versatile techniques match the needs of each client. She works specific and targeted areas of the body and utilizes modalities such as deep tissue and myofascial release. Cat believes in the breath to help enhance relaxation of each individual.

Joe’s top interest is to help people feel better and see them be happy!

A graduate of Denver School Of Massage Therapy in 2011 he has been active in massage therapy since then. Joe specializes in various modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone massage, and reflexology  His goal as a massage therapist is to help clients and make life better for them, whether they are suffering from severe muscle and joint pain, or helping them escape the stress of everyday life.   He enjoys being very active with hiking, archery, and other outdoor activities.  Additionally, he is an instructor in the martial arts with a 4th degree black belt, training over 15 years. Painting and sketching also allow for some down time for Joe.

Allen is a graduate of the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins.

Allen enjoys working with people of all fitness levels and brings his enthusiasm for an active lifestyle to his practice and to the relationships he develops with clients. Allen incorporates bodywork methods that combine neuromuscular, deep tissue therapy, trigger point deactivation, myofascial release, active movement, and active awareness. The result is a method that changes posture, re-educates movement limitations, eases pain, helps initiate and maintain healing. Allen is also board certified (NCBTMB) in Therapeutic Cupping. He is currently continuing his studies with Naoya Kochi of Japan in his innovative and powerful method of Shiatsu massage

Roxanne takes an intuitive approach and customizes to meet your specific needs for the day.

Roxanne began her journey as a healer when she began to study Access Consciousness (an energetic bodywork modality) as a way to reduce stress in college. After a car accident in 2012, Roxanne turned to massage therapy for injury recovery and with a combination of  energy work and massage her recovery was more successful than doctors were able to provide. Her experience was so profound that she decided to change careers and help others understand their connections with their bodies more. Roxanne attended the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins and is a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. Her skills are all encompassing from Swedish relaxation techniques to injury and sports recovery. She has spent the past 3 years living in Boulder and working closely with athletes of all types ranging from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes. During each session, Roxanne will focus on identifying structurally weak areas in your body and offer customized feedback on how you can balance everything at home.

Kyeth is a patient centered massage therapist working to help more ease and vitality in your body and mind.

He listens to you intently and tailors the treatments to meet your goals. Whether your goal is pain reduction, increasing mobility, sports recovery, alleviating stress, improving posture, or helping to shift chronic patterns, his blend of several styles of bodywork is sure to help.  He specializes in deep tissue work, myo-fascial, structural integration, and neuromuscular therapy(trigger point).

Keith completed his Massage Therapy training in 2006. Most of his experience has
come from working in chiropractic offices.

Keith’s focus during a session is on broader myofascial work but he still incorporates specific trigger point therapy at times. Even though he has a clinical massage technique, it is done at a slower pace in a way that still maintains the aspect of relaxation that people expect during a massage. As a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), he is also capable of addressing issues that can develop from an active lifestyle. Keith is currently participating in a structural integration program to further develop his bodywork skills.

We are happy to welcome Nicole!

Sports Recovery Specialists

Gita believes every person deserves to live fully. By creating and utilizing a support team anyone can not only meet their goals and aspirations, but exceed them.

Gita is excited to explore and listen to her Green Leaf clients on their journey to health and wellness! In 2001 Gita’s journey of a healthy balanced lifestyle began with exercise, diet, and self awareness. Finding yoga in 2006 to address chronic back pain, then to transform her life. She received her 200hr certification in 2008 with Shambhava Yoga. Since then she received her ERYT-500 status (2012), led 20+ yoga teacher trainings, certified in Mat Pilates (2011), and spent eight years as a career yoga teacher. She has worked with clients from 1 to 102 years old in Chicago and Colorado.  Gita uses complementary tools to help clients with pain/tightness/stress/soreness in tandem with a massage in their wellness journey to recover from life.  As a former actor and singer, Gita loves to write and play music when she’s not outside enjoying Colorado!



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